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South Africa has 5 times greater incidence of Gender Based violence than Global Average

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41% of Rape cases involve Child victims

How the armed response works:

A subscriber can either

• Push the button on the app

• Shake the phone

(Set up in Settings on the App)

  • A signal is autonomously sent to the nearest responder
    (one of  2000 armed response vehicles nationally)
  • The accepting responder is navigated directly to the user’s location via GPS
  • Average response time between 4 – 8 min
  • Only 1 in 9 rape cases are reported

    You will be found in minutes?

    Our technology is clever enough to find you even if you cannot speak or move. Secure Me SA has removed traditional location & response barriers for faster, more urgent, on demand response.

    We are always just around the corner

    You will be protected by more than 2000 armed response vehicles across SA which means that you are always close to armed assistance when you need it most. Secure Me SA has eliminated the barriers to ensure that you get assistance in less than 8 minutes.

    Personal protection for you and your loved ones within 8 minutes

    Shake your phone
    Drop your phone
    Push the button on your phone

    Armed Response Personal Protection

    You are protected in all 9 provinces, You have access to more than 4000 armed response security personnel and more than 300 security companies, You have your own Personal Protection!

    Real time Communication

    Your loved ones will be notified immediately if something has happened to you. They will have access to your location and can monitor and support you while we take care of you. Information is shared in real time and it keeps everyone up to date on your situation.

    The App

    Secure Me SA is an on demand app that allows you to access private armed response on your phone - when you need it We use smart technology on our app and a team of operators who are on call 24 / 7 who are always at your disposal.

    Young people dating online are being kidnapped and attacked, children are being lured out of homes by sexual predators and abused, human trafficking is at an all time high, it is overwhelming for anyone living in South Africa.

    Personal protection for you and your loved ones within 8 minutes

    Parents stop worrying about your kids, studying away from home and know that we will protect them
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    Enjoy being home with your family and friends, knowing you have our protection at arms length. Secure Me gives you access to 24 / 7 armed response. Children should have the freedom to be children. As a parent their safety is your priority. Secure Me SA makes this so much easier.
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    Enjoy your training and the outdoors and have peace of mind that you are protected from any perceived danger
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    Stop being afraid when you drive around the country, your protection is as far as your phone
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    Have peace of mind knowing that an emergency response when needed is just a blue button away
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    Have peace of mind when it comes to safety while you and your team focus on business
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    Tourism operators offer your visitors peace of mind as they travel our beautiful country
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    Business owners, lock up and go home. Sleep soundly, we are keeping your business safe.
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    Logistic companies spend less protecting your drivers and the goods they deliver
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    Managing any perceived dangers through effective security can solve these constant evolving challenges in society.


    INDIVIDUAL package

    R59 pm

    family package

    up to 5 members

    R199 pm

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    South Africa’s Most Powerful Security App

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    We have partnered with a company called Aura, a representative of a National network of hundreds of armed response companies and who are all registered with PSIRA. (Private Security Regulatory Authority)

    Secure Me SA assists in all major metros & sub metros with various outlying areas also included.

    2000 Armed response vehicles with 4000 highly trained armed security officers in 9 provinces provides an average response time of less than 6 minutes per incident – area coverage map provided on website.

    Dowload the Secure Me SA app form either Google or Apple stores and follow the prompts. Payment can be made by either bank card details input where we will debit your bank account with R59 per month automatically OR using allocated voucher unique code for a defined subscription period.

    Yes for up to 5 members at R199, CLICK HERE

    Once the Secure Me SA app successfully downloaded, registration completed, our T’s and C’s accepted and bank card payment details or voucher code provided as payment method.

    As subscriber your location services will only be used for lawful and valid incidents where you require security and protection.

    Your info is stored in a secure storage database to ensure your location stay safe with us.

    You need a Smartphone with GPS permanently enabled – currently most Android and IOS operating systems will provide seamless experience.

    Kindly note that Huawei devices after P30 models currently provide issues as google Play services not available on these new gen devices.

    We will have solution in next 6 weeks providing access to Huawei App store for download.

    No the device needs data to ensure the app is active and this is for the subscriber’s account. Your service providers standard rates
    will apply.

    CLICK HERE for full Secure Me SA T’s and C’s

    We aim to provide security support in all circumstances where you feel threatened or experiences and perceived danger

    We cannot guarantee response times – however the average response time is less than 6 minutes per incident.

    This will be transmitted to our data storage facility, where this will be securely stored.

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